ARCP guidance

The following outlines the format for your assessment and feedback at the ARCP;

The relevant paperwork / e-portfolio submission is assessed prior to the meeting by the panel.

At the ARCP;

  1. Form R is received.
  2. Your ARCP outcome will be given to you.
  3. All required assessments, logbook, MSF, structured feedback and ES / College tutors reports will be reviewed with you.
  4. CV progress and development will be reviewed both against expected standards and the standards of your peers.
  5. Your professional development plans including OOPT / OOPE plans will be discussed.
  6. Any other mitigating circumstances will be discussed.
  7. A summary and action plan will be made.
  8. There will be an opportunity for you to give feedback.
  9. A summary of the meeting is emailed to you and your CT for reference.
  10. Your ARCP outcome will be logged on your e-portfolio.