1; Requirements for completion of the Completion of Unit Training (CUT) 2019.


2: Guidance on workbook completion.


3: Use of the LLP https://www.rcoa.ac.uk/lifelong-learning/guidance-notes-and-documents


4: Guidance for how to request Advanced Training Modules (previously known as fellowships):



5: School policy on trainee administration time:

The school of Anaesthesia does not routinely provide trainees with protected admin time for projects/QI etc.  Trainees can use up to 5 days of study leave for exam preparation.  

Post-fellowship trainees will be permitted to have a half-day each week for administration, provided this has been agreed with their college tutor and that they have a suitable project on which to use this time.


6: School policy on use of study leave for in-house training courses:

Trainees receive an allocation of 30 days study leave each year.  The school expects up to 10 of these days are deducted to cover our in-house exam preparation training for pre-fellowship trainees. This includes weekly primary exam teaching both at your Trust and regional training days and final fellowship regional training days.  Our exam pass-rates are good.  There is an expectation that all trainees undertaking exams will attend the teaching provided by the school where possible.


7: Out of Program training:



8: School policy on study leave:



9: Maternity leave and return to training:



10: Guidance on educational supervision and ESSR:



11: Trainee guide to Travel and Subsistence Expenses.


12: Guide for Trainees Accessing centralised study budgets.