SW Peninsula Training workbook advice - 2019

The Peninsula training workbooks are still in full use in the SW Peninsula School of Anaesthesia.

The RCoA are revising the whole training curriculum at present. The new curriculum will not be in place until after 2020 at the earliest. It is likely that this will change training quite significantly and create a 3rd (or 4th for ACCS trainees) CT level.

Until the new curriculum is in place the SW Peninsula School of Anaesthesia workbooks will remain in full use and alI trainees in the SW Peninsula are expected to complete them in conjunction with their use of the RCoA eportfolio / LLP. From August 2019 this will be the SW Peninsula workbooks in conjunction with the LLP for all.

The knowledge and skills set out in the school workbooks are in line with the 2010 curriculum currently being used. 

Regarding the use of the workbooks;

1.  For each module the majority of the outlined knowledge and skills and should be signed off but it is not essential for 100%.

2.  Provided there is agreement with a trainer a proportion of these may be self-signed (the box ticked and dated when achieved by the trainee) and we rely on the professionalism and probity of the trainee to complete this correctly.  Obviously the trainee should not self-sign the whole workbook so we have decided on some guidance –

  • Novice trainee workbook. All aspects of the book should be signed by a trainer. There should be no self-signing.
  • ACCS / CT: We would expect that only approximately 30% of each workbook module is self-signed.
  • ST intermediate and higher trainees: We would expect that no more than 60% of each workbook module is self-signed.

3.  Workplace based assessments on the eportfolio / LLP:

Please remember that only named and trained post-fellowship trainees can sign workplace based assessments for trainees on the eportfolio or LLP and it is expected that at least 60% of the sign offs will be by consultant trainers.

4.  CUT signoff:

This should be completed by the named module lead who is expected to review the following;

  • SW Peninsula workbook – the module lead will ask the trainee to verify the self-signed knowledge and skills in the workbook module.
  • Logbook of cases completed for that module
  • WBA’s on the eportfolio or LLP
  • Feedback from anaesthetic trainers specific to that module
  • Any other evidence related to that module.

Advanced Training Modules

Advanced training modules cannot be commenced by the trainee until they reach ST6 and can be completed at any time during ST6 and ST7.

It is recommended that 12 months WTE is spent on advanced training completing at least 2 advanced modules (for dual trainees the final stage of ITU training is the advanced training year).

The clinical advanced modules do not form part of the workbooks and the curriculum core learning points, knowledge and skills required for each are specified on the RCoA website in Annex E (Annex F for ITU)


Please note that these are very different to the higher modules and require close review and liaison with the advanced training module lead.