Fellowship in

Airway management


Head, neck, maxillo-facial and dental surgery

 Derriford Hospital


The Fellowship in difficult airway management is for anaesthetists with an interest in developing consultant level specialist practice in head and neck, oral & maxillofacial anaesthesia, and in teaching and training in advanced airway management.

In general your role is to provide timely senior support, in all areas, to consultants managing complex airways. You should gain confidence in managing truly challenging cases including surgery for major head and neck cancer, intra-thoracic airway compromise, unstable cervical spines and morbid obesity. You will be generally based in theatres which regularly encounter challenging airways, with the expectation that you will flexibly involve yourself with interesting patients, wherever they occur in hospital. By the end of the fellowship you should be confident to manage the most difficult airways, and run complex airway lists.

The department has an ongoing airway teaching and QI program and fellows are encouraged to get involved with the design and delivery of this.

While the majority of lists will have an airway focus, this appointment will include some general service lists, and general theatres oncall. Derriford is a large and supportive department and it is highly unusual for the airway fellow to be unable to flexibly attend an interesting case, whenever they arise.

For further details, please contact:

Chris Sweeting