Six Month Fellowship in

Regional Anaesthesia at

The Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital

The Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital (RDEH) employs 44 consultant anaesthetists, many of whom have an interest in regional anaesthesia. Our well established departments of orthopaedics, plastics and vascular surgery ensure that there are plenty of opportunities to observe and perform blocks.

Ultrasound guided techniques are now standard, with or without neurostimulation. Catheter techniques are occasionally used in both the acute and chronic pain setting. Lists for which awake surgery under peripheral nerve blockade is the norm include hand surgery and renal vascular access surgery. Blocks commonly performed and for which fellows can expect to gain experience include:

  • Brachial and cervical plexus
  • Forearm approaches to peripheral nerves
  • Trunk blocks including TAP, quadratus lumborum and rectus sheath
  • Paravertebral block under ultrasound guidance
  • Popliteal approach to sciatic nerve
  • Femoral, adductor canal and saphenous nerve
  • Ankle block
  • Opthalmic blocks, mainly sub-Tenon’s

Other than clinical experience there are ample opportunities at the RDEH to get involved with academic work to supplement your CV, including:

  • Audit and QI
  • Presentations
  • Teaching
  • Research (ongoing trial looking at FNB for TKR)
  • Using SOWRA ( contacts to visit regional experts in the UK or continental Europe.
  • Advice and support for the European Diploma in Regional Anaesthesia

There are general service provision duties as part of this post and the on call rota will usually involve covering obstetrics. For scheduled lists, the department will endeavor to give regional fellows priority for lists on which blocks are likely. However, flexibility may be required as well as a pro-active and diplomatic approach, to ensure that exposure to regional anaesthesia is maximized.

This fellowship was traditionally a year, comprising six months at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital and six months at Musgrove Park Hospital in Taunton. It may be possible to arrange both or just one of these placements, by mutual arrangement with the training programme director.

For further information please contact:

James Simpson

Consultant Anaesthetist