FICM Teaching Day

Category: ICM Teaching Programme - Other

Date: January 13th 2015 9:00am until 5:00pm

Location: Redwood House, Gloucestershire Royal Hospital GL1 3NN

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09:00              Welcome & housekeeping           Dr S Twigg

09:10              Delerium and sedation in ITU      Dr W Doherty                                                        

11:00              Coffee

11:20              Liver Disorders In Pregnancy        Dr S Scutt

12:00              Major Haemorrhage                    Dr E Shepard          

12:30              Issues in Obstetric Resuscitation    Dr S Muddle


13:00              Lunch


14:00              Gastrointestinal Failure                Dr S Twigg 

14:30              Abdominal Compartment syndrome Dr T Cominos                       

15:00              GI Haemorrhage                         Dr P Downie


All timings Appoximate and likely to change.

Lunch provided, courtesy of Organ Donation Education Fund

questions / directions to Steve Twigg


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