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Posted November 20th 2015 (8 years ago)

Joint Peninsula & Severn ICM STC Meeting - Cancelled

The Joint Peninsula & Severn ICM STC Meeting due to be held on 1st December, has been cancelled and rearranged to take place on 9th February 2016 at Taunton & Pickeridge Golf Club

Posted August 28th 2014 (10 years ago)

Advert for Severn School of Surgery Simulation Fellow--An Exciting Opportunity for ST3+ trainees!

(See below job description.)

To apply, please send a CV and covering letter (explaining why you're interested in the position, what skill set you would bring to the role, etc.) to Mr. Coulston at jamescoulston@yahoo.oc.uk

For any questions about the role, please contact Mr. Coulston at jamescoulston@yahoo.oc.uk or 07974 446 335

The deadline for applications is 10th of September, 2014.




Severn School of Surgery Surgical Simulation and Non-Technical Skills Fellow


The School if Surgery is committed to high quality training of core and higher specialty trainees across the Severn deanery. Simulation training in all its different forms is key to this and remains at the centre of the principles behind the core trainees training programme and also in the provision of other training opportunities for junior surgeons.

This new post will work alongside the Lead for Skills and Courses (Currently Mr James Coulston, Consultant Vascular Surgeon) to be the focus for simulation training across all the School of Surgery.

The post:

Working collaboratively the post holder will develop a clear strategy in the development of courses and programmes to improve Patient Safety for both core and higher surgical trainees. There are a number of potential plans in process and suitable scheme will be developed further depending on the fellow sub-specialty interest, skill set and experience.

The Simulation fellow will participate in the delivery of our core trainee training programme teaching in clinical skills, simulation and non-technical skills training.

There is an expectation the fellow will provide teaching on:

  • Human factors courses
  • Core surgical / core T&O surgical skills days (depending on experience)
  • Core knowledge days
  • Interview and communications skills days
  • Medical education and teaching skills days.

There will be an expectation that the post holder will be able to attend relevant meetings on various aspects of medical education and patient safety improvement initiative and will be encouraged to submit research in the field of medical simulation to national meetings. There is also an expectation that, if not already achieved, further postgraduate study in medical education/simulation is undertaken during the post.

The development of surgical simulation and non-technical skills programmes across the School of Surgery will be a key part of the fellow’s role and there is large scale scope for innovation and new ways of teaching and learning.

For service provision, the post holder will be accountable to Lead for Skills and Courses (Mr James Coulston) at School of Surgery. Also work collaboratively with all faculty but specifically head of school, training programme directors and human factors lead.

Out of hours (on-call) work at regional hospitals can be arranged in chosen surgical specialty as required.

The curriculum for the Medical training programme is laid down by external bodies, The Royal Colleges, the General Medical Council (GMC) and Local Educational Training Board (LETB), as are the required methods of assessment and desired competencies. The post holder will be expected to liaise with trainers and trainees, maintain training records and assist in the assessment of competencies as required by the GMC and LETB and the Royal Colleges.


This is a 12 month post. Annual leave entitlement is 32 days as per national scales and deanery policies (available on request) for sickness.

This post is only available internally – To surgical trainees within the School of Surgery (regardless of surgical speciality).

Pay and registration: Fellows must continue to be registered with the General Medical Council. The salary for this post (excluding on-call) is £30,000 gross with £550 study leave budget.

Accountability: Fellow will report to Lead for Skills and training and Head of School.

Appraisal and educational monitoring: The fellow will undergo a full educational appraisal process and all documentation regarding the time out of programme must be completed and submitted to relevant TPD in due course. TPD consent for OOP working is vital. It is envisaged that this post will be taken up as an OOPE and support will be provided to allow this to happen.

Equal Opportunities:

The school of surgery is committed to the concept of Equal Opportunities, which is detailed in the organisation’s Equality and Diversity Procedure. You are required to fulfil your responsibilities under this Policy and to ensure that no individual receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of their gender, marital status, disability, religion, creed, colour, race, ethnic, national origin, HIV status, age, social background, trade union membership or non-membership and is not placed at a disadvantage by requirements or conditions which cannot be shown to be justifiable.


Person Specification:


1) Qualifications/Training

Full/Limited/Provisional GMC Registration

MB BS (or equivalent medical qualification)


‘Training the Trainers’ Course or similar

Simulation Instructor training course

Postgraduate qualification in medical education

2) Experience

On School of Surgery training scheme


3) Clinical Skills/Knowledge/Understanding

Clinical skills and knowledge appropriate for level of training and has completed an appropriate number of work place assessments or DOPS, anaes-CEX, CBDs and MSF

Log book up to date

Awareness of limitations, seeks help appropriately

Undertaken audit or research projects in last 2 years.

Experience of medical simulation either as candidate or instructor

Instructor of ALS/ATLS/EPLS or similar

Knowledge of Human Factors training.

4) Other Requirements

Good communication skills, both oral and written

Excellent organisational skills

Initiative and motivation

Indication of relevance of this post and career development


Posted August 28th 2014 (10 years ago)

Oxford Colloquium on Medical Education (24-25 September, 2014 at Pembroke College, Oxford)....A Fantastic Offer from Mr. Eastaugh-Waring!

Dear Colleagues,

The Severn School of Surgery has a small number of places at the upcoming Oxford Educational Symposium on the 24th and 25th of September, 2014. This is a very good quality and prestigious meeting with some world-renowned speakers, and I’m sure would be of interest to many of you. I realise timeframes are tight, but if anyone would like to attend, please let Chad (chad.elliott@southwest.hee.nhs.uk) know. We will distribute on a first come, first served basis. Attendance is paid for. The only cost to yourself would be a £62 fee for overnight accommodation in one of the Colleges.


Best wishes,

Steve Eastaugh-Waring
Head of the Severn School of Surgery