Useful links

  1. Guidance for trainees who are shielding 17 July 2020

  2. S-STAG Advice for ES, Trainers and Trainees 

  3. S-STAG Guide and Checklist for Trainers and supervisors 

  4. S-STAG Resource list including social medial platform where trainees could access information 

  5. S-STAG Activities to be considered while shielding 

  6. UKFPO guidance for shielding foundation trainees

  7. Latest documents released regarding impact of COVID on training and ARCP to our champions - regularly updated

  8. Updated Guidance for Managing PGMDEI Trainees who are Shielding



The National Shielding Trainee Advisory Group (S-TAG) have run a series of webinars to provide guidance and support to trainees and educators. The recordings are now available to view.

Session 1: SuppoRTT for shielding trainees

Session 2: Returning from shielding – the impact, adjustment and moving forward


Online Learning with E-Learning for Health

Remote consultation: An immersive technology resource for COVID-19 Shielding or Displaced Trainees

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This is an online e-learning and immersive 360* video resource based around a remote consultation. It was originally developed with shielding/displaced trainees in mind, however this will be a useful resource for anyone consulting remotely. It addresses key skills including communication, using the multidisciplinary team, clinical management and safeguarding, as well as offering the opportunity to 'step inside' the consultation from the patient's perspective!


This resource has been designed by trainees for trainees.  They would appreciate if you could help them to shape this and future resources by filling in a short 5-minute survey: