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Guidance on Educational Supervision and the ESSR 

Guidance on the ARCP process from the TPD for Assessments 

For information on the evidence required please check the ARCP Checklist

ARCP Process

The ARCP provides a formal process which uses the evidence gathered by the trainee, relating to his/her progress in the training programme. It should normally be undertaken on at least an annual basis for all trainees undertaking specialty training and will enable the trainee, the Postgraduate Dean and employers to document that the competences required are being gained at an appropriate rate and through appropriate experience. The process may be conducted more frequently if there is a need to deal with performance and progression issues outside the annual review.

The ARCP fulfils the following functions:

  • provide an effective mechanism for reviewing and recording the evidence related to a trainee’s performance within the training programme,
  • provide a means whereby the evidence of the outcome of formal assessments are coordinated and recorded to provide a coherent record of a trainee’s progress,
  • to make judgements about the competences acquired by a specialty trainee and their suitability to progress to the next stage of training,
  • provide advice to the Responsible Officer (RO) about Revalidation of the trainee to enable the RO to make a recommendation to the GMC when required,
  • provide a final statement of the trainee's successful attainment of the curricular competences. This will enable the Postgraduate Dean to present evidence to the relevant College or Faculty so that it can recommend the trainee to the GMC for award of the CCT or CESR/CEGPR(CP).

Out of Programme (OOP)

Trainees out of programme will need to return an OOP report for each year that they are out of programme for consideration by the annual review panel.  This will need to be accompanied by an assessment report of their progress in research or clinical placement. Trainees who are undertaking a period out of programme for either clinical experience (OOPE) or research (OOPR) that does not count as part of the training programme will need to complete the supervisors report. This form must be completed by the clinical and/or research supervisor in discussion with the trainee and must be submitted (or uploaded to ePortfolio) in advance of the ARCP/RITA Panel. Failure to do so could result in the loss of the training number.

Please see the School Structure page for Head of School, Training Programme Director, College Tutor and School Management contact details. 

Timetable:  The date, time and location of your ARCP will be published well in advance. To view upcoming assessments please click here


In the event that the review panel judge on the basis of the evidence submitted that the trainee has not obtained the necessary competencies to move to the next stage of their training the trainee has the right to request a review and in some circumstances an appeal. Full details of the process can be found in the Assessment pages of the Peninsula Postgraduate Medical Education website and in Section 7.121 of The Gold Guide - A Guide to Postgraduate Specialty Training in the UK.