Role   Contact                                                                                                        
 Head of School Dr Roger Langford

 Regional Advisor (Anaesthesia)

 Regiona Advisor (Pain Medicine)

 Regional Adivsor (Intensive Care Medicine)

 Dr James Pittman

 Dr Suzanne Carty

 Dr Mike Spivey

 Deputy Postgraduate Dean  Dr Hiu Lam
 School Manager  Joseph Campbell
 School Administrator  Vacant

 Training Programme Directors                 

 Higher Level Training -Dr Matthew Ward
 Core and ACCS AnaesthesiaTraining - Dr Kate Holmes
 Assessments - Dr Andrew Hutton
 ICM - Dr Paul Margetts
 Education Director - Dr Louise Schonborn

   College Tutors

 Plymouth - College Tutors
 Torbay - Dr Claire Blandford
 Cornwall - Dr Rebecca Mawer and Dr Will Fox
 Barnstaple - Dr Jeremy Preece
 Taunton - Dr Helen Pawson and Dr Thomas Barrett
 Exeter - College Tutors
 Less than Full Time Representative - Medical Lead  Dr Chris Timmis
 Pre-FRCA Trainee Representative  Dr Tim Richards
 Higher Specialty Trainee Representative  Dr Jo Wilson