Special Interest Area - Anaesthesia for Ophthalmic Surgery at Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust


For those interested in developing a specialist interest and skills in anaesthesia for ophthalmic surgery, Torbay has a lot to offer. 

Trainees will learn to provide safe perioperative anaesthetic care for a wide variety of complex ophthalmic procedures independently with the ultimate goal of being able to take on a lead role in this area of practice. 

Trainees will develop their skills in safe and effective regional anaesthesia for ophthalmic surgery, understanding the implications of biometry measurements and results. This will include Topical, Peribulbar and Sub-Tenon techniques, as well as general anaesthesia. 

There will also be opportunity to be involved with teaching of these skills, once the trainee has mastered the skill for themselves, as part of one of the most successful teaching programs in the country for training nurse practitioners. 

Trainees will learn to deliver perioperative anaesthetic management of patients having;

  • Orbital surgery and vitreo-retinal surgery. Including specific considerations for laser treatment.
  • Glaucoma surgery - appreciating the different types of procedures undertaken and specific anaesthetic requirements.
  • Complex cornea surgery including issues relating to tissue transplant
  • Paediatric ophthalmic surgery including those with complex congenital syndromes. 

Please get in touch for any specific enquiries  


Andrey Varvinski Andrey.varvinski@nhs.net 

Pete Valentine peter.valentine1@nhs.net