SIA - Chronic Pain at Torbay

 Outpatient pain services in South Devon see people with persisting benign pain and support both Palliative Care with interventions for cancer pain and support the Inpatient Pain Team with complex patients. The service is mainly dedicated to adults but there is a children's pain clinic and MDT locally as well. 

The Outpatient Service has accreditation from the Faculty of Pain Medicine to train up to and including Advanced Pain Training. Advanced training (Level 3) would normally involve a 6 month rotation in Torbay. Level 1 and 2 placements are normally arranged as part of local placement depending on training needs. The service can offer placements in pain clinics, intervention lists and a weekly MDT.

There is opportunity to spend time with the Pain Rehabilitation Team and attend a Spinal Services MDT as well as children’s clinics. Placement in other specialities including the Hospice can be arranged on request. For more information, please discuss with the Faculty tutor, Dr Lyn Margetts.